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Achieve the dream of colleagues

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Qin Xuan Automotive Technology (Tianchang) Co.,Ltd

Qinxuan is located in the economic development zone of qinlan Town, Tianchang City, Anhui Province. The first and second phase cover an area of 60 mu (completed) and the third phase covers an area of 50 mu (under planning). Main business scope includes manufacturing complete BIW, as well as assemblies of side panel,chasis,door,etc.  Based on China and serving the world, we are determined to become a reliable auto body prototype enterprise. We feel honored to win the trust of our customers. Qinxuan people, do better for themselves, for their families, for others.






Cooperation cases


Geely- lynkco01

2015 project - single piece development of listed flooring



Trumpchi- GS4

Project in 2018 total transaction payment of four doors, two covers and middle and rear floor



The upper body assembly includes the development of stamping parts, hot forming parts, rolling parts, aluminum parts, fixtures and inspection tools


Wuling Hongguang plus

Project in 2017 - single piece development of listed flooring



09 2020-06

Aluminum alloy sheet stamping

The aluminum alloy material is relatively soft and expensive, and it is particularly prone to cracking and scratching during stamping production. Special attention should be paid to the following points in manufacturing: Product design:
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09 2020-06

Matters needing attention in stamping

The following matters must be noted in the stamping operation: The operator must understand the model, specifications, and performance of the stamping equipment. Four checks are required before the shift: check the transfer record, check the electrical appliances, check the safety device, and check the mold; Achieve fixed personnel, fixed point, fixed quality, quantitative and regular lubrication;
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09 2020-06

What are the reasons for the blanking hole blockage in precision stamping

When the punching material in precision stamping is soft and magnetically absorbing material, the larger the size of the blanking step hole of the punching die is, the easier it is to induce lateral frictional resistance, which eventually leads to the blockage of the blanking hole.
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09 2020-06

Manufacturing method of alloy stamping forming process

The current production of valve plates mainly includes organic processing and stamping. In these two solutions, the stamping process is more commonly used. The principle is to use ordinary stamping technology to stamp, squeeze the valve slot
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09 2020-06

What is the difference between precision stamping and ordinary stamping?

The efficiency of precision stamping and general stamping are generally more than twice as fast. The main reason is that the mold structure of fine blanking is different. The development cycle is twice as long as that of single punching, and the cost is more than three times higher.
09 2020-06

How to improve the precision of stamping parts?

1. Keep the surface of the convex and concave molds clean, and the blanks of the precision stamping parts need to be wiped clean before drawing, to avoid the unclean cleaning of the die working surface or the material surface and the inclusion of debris, which can damage the surface of the precision stamping parts and affect the quality.
09 2020-06

Features of aluminum alloy stamping

What are the characteristics of aluminum alloy shell stamping forming technology? ⑴ Simple operation, easy to master, save time and effort, easy to achieve mechanization and automation;
09 2020-06

What to pay attention to aluminum alloy stamping

Aluminum alloy stamping, because of its relatively low hardness compared to iron, is easy to break and is expensive. Therefore, when making molds from aluminum alloy materials, you should pay attention to the following issues:



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