Qin Xuan Automotive Technology (Tianchang) Co.,Ltd.

Qinxuan is located in the economic development zone of qinlan Town, Tianchang City, Anhui Province. The first and second phase covers an area of 60 mu (completed) and the third phase covers an area of 50 mu (planned),

Main BIW trial production, with trial production process capacity.

Relying on quality and management, based on China and serving the world, we are determined to become a reliable auto body trial production enterprise in China. The trust of customers is our honor!

Qinxuan people, do better for themselves, for their families, for others

Achieve the dream of colleagues

To be a world-class auto body prototype enterprise and contribute to customers' automotive R & D




Add:Anhui province Tianchang Qin Town Economic Development Zone


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